Capsules Compatibles Dolce Gusto*


The compatible Capsule Dolce Gusto * Caffè Pompeii, are produced from roasted coffee in the traditional way in accordance with the neapolitan tradition. Our blend differs thanks to the roasting process, the backgrounds and coffee used percentages . All the capsules are an Italian production and certified for high temperature, ensuring also in addition to taste the tranquility of drinking a product selected and certified.

The compatibility has been tested on all brand Lavazza Dolce Gusto machines *

* The mark is not owned by L. & G. srl or by companies connected to it.

  • Box x Layer 13
    Box x pallet 130
  • flow pack triple layer
    pieces in box: 100
  • Single: 8 gr
    Box: 800 gr
  • 25,5 W X 16,5 D X 31 H
  • 24 month

Capsules Compatibles Dolce Gusto* Atena Flavour

Taste: Strong

Blend: 80% robusta 20 % Arabica

Roasting: Dark

Flavour: 4/5

Intensity: 5/5

Smoothness: 5/5

Capsules Compatibles Dolce Gusto * Penelope Flavour

Taste: Espresso

Blend: 50% robusta 50 % Arabica

Roasting: Medium

Flavour: 5/5

Intensity: 5/5

Smoothness: 5/5

Capsules Compatibles Dolce Gusto * Flavoured

Taste: Barley, Ginseng, Chocolate, Hazelnut, The

Blend: Soluble

Roasting: –

Flavour: 5/5

Intensity: 3/5

Smoothness: 5/5