“No Thanks, Coffee Makes Me Nervous” If we listen to the title of the famous film with the great Massimo Troisi and at the same time we consult the list of the countries where you consume more coffee, we should infer that the people more “nervous” in the world is just what the Finnish!
It is known that coffee, after water, is the most popular drink of the globe. Now you can enjoy virtually all corners of the planet, and every day the world will consume about 2 billion cups of coffee which corresponds to a global consumption of about 1.3 kg per person per year.

In Italy is undoubtedly the favorite beverage and for most of the Italian coffee is a true daily ritual that is impossible to give up. But many who imagined our peninsula as one of the first nations with regard to the consumption of coffee, remain decidedly disappointed. In fact, the results of some research started in 2007, it is clear that the area where it consumes the most is the Scandinavia. Will be to warm up from the cold, which will be there in a few months the hours of daylight are many more, and you tend to sleep less, the fact is that in Finland each inhabitant consumes an average of 12 kg of coffee per year. On the podium are Denmark and Norway, respectively, with about 11 kg and 10 kg per capita of coffee consumed per year. And Italy? Well, believe it or not, our peninsula ranks only twelfth place behind Switzerland, Canada, Austria etc … According to data reported, Italians consume about 5.9 kg of coffee per capita per year while the bottom side is Puerto Rico, with only 400 grams per person per year.

Now you’re probably wondering: ok, where’s the catch?
Reading data, this ranking is a bit ‘strange and seems not to respect the habits of the people mentioned above. In fact, the “trick” is: the estimates relate to Kg of coffee consumed, not inclusive of water, so if we take as parameters the cups of coffee consumed per day, this ranking is completely reversed. Calm! in this case Italy is on the podium and he deserves a beautiful bronze medal!
According to a survey completed in 2009 by an international observatory of journalism, in fact, Italians are at the third place with 3 cups of coffee consumed on average per day.

The palm of major consumers of coffee, with an average of five cups a day each, are the Germans, while the second place is the United States, where they drink an average of 3.2 cups per person for 24 hours.
Further down in the ranking amounted Austria (2.6 cups a day), Spain (2.5) and France (2.3), where coffee consumption is growing dramatically. Bottom side turns out to be Britain. In fact in the UK are limited to consume 0.1 cups of coffee a day. Evidently, the British prefer to sip their favorite drink, tea. In the ranking is also China, with 1 cup per day per head. Besides the pleasure of tasting the delicious drink, for Asians consumption of coffee is a ritual that approaches the western lifestyle and the statistics speak of an increase of 13% in just the past year.
Coffee makes me nervous? Then, carefully, because at this rate, but Finns: the most nervous in the world could become the Chinese … !!!

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