You have certainly heard many times of “suspended coffee”. Some do not know what it is, maybe someone will have it even required, to some other will happen instead of having it offered.
But what is it exactly?
The suspended coffee is an ancient ritual born in the mid 1800s in Naples, which was to leave a coffee paid for the benefit of any customer unknown.

This gesture was most often made from good-hearted people who wanted to give the opportunity to even the poor can enjoy the classic Neapolitan espresso, taking advantage, in fact, the coffee that was left “pending”. Was particularly successful in the Second World War and from Naples spread a bit ‘all over Italy. For writer Riccardo Pazzaglia, however, the custom originated from strife that stood at the bar with friends at the time to pay the bill. Uncertainty among those who had consumed the coffee and who had paid for the other, they often ended up paying a few more. In this circumstance, not asked back the credit, but you left the coffee “pending” in favor of a stranger.

Another famous Neapolitan writer, Luciano De Crescenzo, who wrote a book called just “The suspended coffee”, enclosed in a beautiful phrase this old habit Neapolitan: “When a Neapolitan is happy for some reason, instead of paying a single coffee, what he would drink, pays two, one for himself and one for the customer who comes next. It’s like offering a coffee at the rest of the world … “

This custom, during the period of economic boom, had been almost completely forgotten, but with the advent of the crisis, is back into fashion.
Indeed, this gesture of great generosity and altruism has received high praise and has crossed the boundaries of Campania to reach the far corners of the world, from Argentina to Australia, passing through the regions of northern Europe and North America. Thus was born in Ireland “suspended coffee” and even the famous American chain Starbucks has imitated this practice.
Social network has also achieved remarkable visibility, so that in Naples, December 10, 2011, was organized the “Day of the suspended coffee”, with the kind collaboration of many Neapolitans traders.
Another initiative is very particular is called “Network of suspended coffee”, which involves all the locals allow their customers to leave a suspended coffee. The special feature of this network, is that not only has spread throughout Italy, but found even operators available in Spain, Sweden, Brazil and Australia. In addition to emphasizing the ancient tradition born in Naples, the Network of suspended coffee also organizes various events in collaboration with associations and public bodies.

From coffee, thanks to which the rite was born many years ago, were born similar initiatives related to other products, food and no food. For example, though with less success, arose the custom of “pizza suspended” and “outstanding book”, which are practiced in a manner almost identical.

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