How to open a Pods and Capsules compatibles’ Shop If you are thinking of opening a pods and capsules shop, but you still have some little doubts, in this article you will find all the useful information

When you decide to open a shop of pods and capsules, you need to be very patient and above all prepared to a continuous growth so you can always be aware on the latest news regarding the coffee & related world. This industry, in fact,  is constantly evolving, so anyone who decides to take up this business must be inclined to the constant change that may concern  new capsules, pods, coffee machines and aromatic drinks (which are now very fashionable). The goal is to satisfy any kind of need and therefore be able to provide any type of pods or capsule to the customers, obviously compatibles with any type of coffee machine. Another feature not to be underestimated, because the competition is high, is to be always prepared and professional in the eyes of the customers, in this way you can improve their loyalty over the months.

Following, there is a list of what we can define the “Usual questions” of those who want to start this type of activity:

Exsist a suitable place to open a pods and capsules’ shop?

Of course! The secret is to find the passageways and unless you want to open an Illy boutique, it is a better choice to avoid choosing city centers with pedestrian areas.

Is it a good investment?

Here is also an affirmative answer. Opening a compatibles capsules and pods’ shop means responding to the huge amount of market demands. Due to the large amount of coffee machines, you have to own a wide range of compatibles products. In Italy, according to the latest market research, the most popular products are Compatible Capsules A Modo Mio, Nespresso and Dolce Gusto Capsules. This therefore means that from now, you have to own in store all the varieties of mixes and sizes.

What is the right price for compatible capsules and pods?

There is no single answer for this question. In fact, much depends on the area where you decide to open a store and market trend. In any case, the price will guarantee a margin of, at least, 70%.

Is franchising a good alternative?

There is a premise: the franchise offers a finite package to sponsor a swift opening , but there are so many contractual constraints that must necessarily be respected until the end of the collaboration. You do not have the freedom to choose what prices you want to adopt, what brands to use, what kind of offers to propose to the customer etc etc … so the answer is negative.

Caffè Pompeii is a company that deals with the production of artisan coffee; We are also suppliers of grain, ground coffee, pods and capsules compatible for shops, offices and individuals. To find out more, visit our web site or contact us at +39 800.126.906 to receive personalized advice.


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