To ensure that the coffee has the desired effect, of all the ones to keep us awake and active, you need to consume at specific times. Recent studies conducted in Maryland, in this regard, we recommend what time drinking coffee.

Assuming that caffeine, when taken regularly, can cause addiction and sometimes harmful effects on the organism, moreover consumed at certain times, may lose his infamous “wake effect”.
Most people consume coffee in the early morning, when you wake up or during breakfast. Many are also those who sip a cup of coffee after lunch or after dinner, to aid digestion. Still others rely on a good “dose” of caffeine to remain vigilant until late at night, such as the students under examination or who should perform any night work. In fact, usually, are consumed on average three cups of coffee a day, statistics confirmed by various surveys carried out in Italy. However, although to a lesser extent, there are those who drink from 5 to 8 coffee a day. It must be remembered, inter alia, caffeine is not only contained in coffee, but also in other beverages or foods, such as tea and cocoa. As highlighted above, excess intake of this substance can cause addiction and therefore will have no effect on the organism.

Scientists argue, Therefore, That the time just to drink coffee in the morning is from 9:30 to 11:30. In this precise time in the day, caffeine Has a greater effect on the human body and helps to maintain a Certain degree of attention. The explanation comes from the repute every living organism Has a kind of internal clock That Allows it to synchronize with the natural rhythms, as the succession of day and night. This kind of biological clock, called circadian rhythm, is regulated by some neurons That control the alternation of sleep and wakefulness releasing different doses of the hormone cortisol Which Will Encourage the warning system.

here the advice not to consume coffee in the early hours of the day, approximately between 8:00 and 9:00, a time when the light becomes stronger. During these hours, in fact, the levels of cortisol in the body are higher than the rest of the day and then you feel more awake and alert in a totally natural. Drinking coffee at this time, increases the risk of causing addiction, because the caffeine will have a minor effect on the organism. According to the scientists who conducted this particular research, therefore, the best time to drink coffee, maximizing the yield of caffeine, it is that time where in the body start to decline cortisol levels.

Another great time to consume the coffee is not just after lunch, but in the early afternoon, namely from 14.30 to 16.30. In this way, the desired effect may last up to dinner time. Caffeine, in fact, is a substance which takes about 4/5 hour to be disposed of by the body and for this reason, in order to avoid problems of insomnia, it is preferable not to take it in the evening hours or even worse, before going to sleep.

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